A good friend of mine recently posted the video below to my facebook page and while I know that many of us have already seen this video,  I couldn't help but be truly moved by this young man's story. I keep finding myself thinking of this remarkable example of grace, acceptance and unbelievable courage.  The ability to strive for a dream in the face of so many devastating and heartbreaking obstacles is amazing to me. This courageous man knows no different than what he knows, he hasn't allowed his physical circumstances or emotional pain to disable him, he doesn't look for sympathy and he certainly does not let his past stop him from moving forward and following his dream. He has no anger or resentments.  He just is who he is.

The conscience choice of what each and every one of us believe is possible is very powerful.  To choose happiness and inner peace every day would be an incredible gift that each one of us could give ourselves.