As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have been blessed to be included within an exceptional group of very, very talented fellow artists that was formed last summer as a result of us all being enrolled in an online course offered by the extremely talented, Kelly Rae Roberts called "Summer 2011 Flying Lessons". I must admit I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I signed up for this course. I only knew that I had a lot to learn if I was ever going to make this dream a reality. The course began early Summer 2011 and since then nothing has felt the same.

As the new year begins, my wonderful group of very talented fellow artists, which we call the Fly Girls, decided that it only seemed natural as we venture through this journey as artists and entrepeneurs that we each select a single word that will best represent our goals and intentions for the coming year 2012. This word will serve as a constant reminder of what we set out to accomplish next year.

With so many words to choose from it was a difficult decision for me to choose just one word, but I have chosen the word "perseverance". For me as an artist developing my own business has been really challenging on so many different levels that I know this is something that I really need to constantly work on in order to reach the goals that I have set for myself. No excuses, not exhaustion, rejection or putting other tasks before my art work this year. I plan to keep working harder and longer and doing whatever it takes.

Just click on the image below to visit my fellow "Fly Girls" blogs they have each written about their Word for 2012, I know you will be left feeling extremely motivated and inspired by these amazing gals! Plus you might just great some great ideas for your own goals in this coming year!

Fly Tribe Word Hop 2012