Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying this beautiful spring like weather! I know I am loving seeing all of the spring bulbs in bloom, fresh air and the sun shining! With all of the budding flowers, I just felt like I had to paint a few flowers today to go with the theme of the day.

I also love the idea that no matter what age we are, whether things are great in our lives or we are going through some "not so great" times, we can all learn from our experiences and change for the better. I am not saying this is always easy, in fact it's probably easier to not change at all. But if becoming a better person in whatever form you see fit is on your list of goals, we all have the potential for that each day. Forgive yourself for any errors that you have made along the way, (we are all only human), and start tomorrow working on those changes that you would like to make. One day at a time and little by little, great things are possible.