From the time I was a very young child I have always been crazy about animals. I went through so many stages as a child with small pets of all kinds. I had a goldfish in a bowl, that led eventually to the small aquarium which led to the enormous aquarium that kept my guinea pig company while it would aimlessly roll around our kitchen floor driving our dog crazy, all of the while living in a small house with 4 kids and a couple tolerant parents. I was also known to occasionally bring home any injured animal that I found for my mom to save during our lunch hour. She would often times spend our quick 45 minute lunch hour racing to a local wildlife haven to help try to save it. Sometimes we were successful and sometimes not, but we always tried.

Back then and even today, I still feel the same way about animals. They are so beautiful and vulnerable. When my children were young, they also loved animals, so I was sure to include them in our family. There is nothing like the love of a family pet to cheer up a hurting child or to teach them to love and respect animals. Pretty priceless lesson to me.

Our newest dog's name is Caleb and we have grown to absolutely love this guy! He just turned 2 and has brought our family so much joy that I can't imagine having not had him. He is still a bit of a work in progress, but loving him more by the day. Best part is he stays off the furniture. Oh wait?