I have been super busy lately trying to get the new studio set up and organized, which is incredibly difficult for me because I am constantly distracted by so many ideas for new paintings. I will post pictures as soon as it's complete, promise. If nothing else it is a great motivator for me to finish it in a somewhat organized manner, (hopefully soon). In the meantime, here's a new piece that I have been working on lately. studio9.21.13_edited-1

I am totally obsessed with lollipops. Crazy I know, but  I actually think their colors are beautiful for children's art. I have been focusing on creating inspirational work that can apply to all children, whether they are a boy or girl. Especially if you're doing a first nursery, what a great idea to design it in a way that can be used forever and does not need to be redone with each future child that you may want to have.