Well it's official, my college graduate has moved out. It took awhile for me to accept this because I really, really want a do over, but nope life changes, kids grow up, college and then they head out on their own as adults. Really? But, weren't you just going off to kindergarten?

I know this is what it's all about so ......after his room has sat empty for the past 8 months or so, (sort of a shrine to my son), who I thought just might change his mind and come back but no such luck (which really isn't normal or healthy anyway), I have decided to move my painting studio into his former room after decades of painting in the basement.

I am super excited to have my own space, above ground and with windows. I can't even tell you!!!! We are just starting the transformation, so check back in to see the changes that we're making to the place! Oh and also lots of new artwork in the works!!!