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Raising Awareness

I recently "liked" PETA on Facebook. It is a fantastic organization and I am a huge fan of theirs. I've heard on several occasions when I mention something that I read or saw,  " PETA is so extreme.", umm... yes, they're extreme because I think it's so much easier for everyone to just not want to see what PETA knows. Because if most people were to really allow themselves to think about how most of the world treats animals, then that may require change and change is hard. I have to say, the more I read and see, the sadder I am becoming that things are very rarely improving for the well being of so many animals. I don't understand why animals seem to have no rights and so often very little respect. PETA has to fight so hard on behalf of them constantly. I guess I naively assumed that others thought the way I do. If for example, an elephant can be tortured and trained to perform on command at a circus, then obviously animals are fully capable of emotion and yet animals are captured, abused and neglected every day as though they are not alive and feel nothing? They are not "ours" to take.

I guess I could justify the humane killing of animals for human survival, but here in the US that is not the case. We do not need to hunt? And really if we were to consider this a sport, then take away the gun and invite the deer to play. I doubt they would.

For more information, join or follow PETA on Twitter or Facebook, you may be shocked at what they know. The videos that they have captured and share may make you think a lot harder about your choices as a human being and consumer. For me, my art is all about teaching children to be aware of animals and to always respect them and treat them with kindness.  No more circus paintings for me.

Sometimes I really think we as humans are earth's biggest threat.

Zoo Animals

Here's a new one that I just finished after our visit to the zoo. Each animal is so uniquely beautiful in their own way. I love creating children's art that hopefully will inspire the same feelings in children to love and respect these beautiful animals. liontigerswallartframed

Wishing you a great weekend!!!!

The Zoo

Whenever I can, I love to head to the zoo for a little animal inspiration. We recently had a gorgeous day here in Chicago so we made a quick visit before the snow hits. Be sure to do something that you love as often as you can, it feels so good to just relax and enjoy a beautiful day once in a while.

This is the Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park Zoo, beautiful!









I had to share this video of two wonderful people that braved the rain to save this poor pregnant, abandoned dog and her unborn puppies. They restore your faith in humanity with their gentle kindness.


From the time I was a very young child I have always been crazy about animals. I went through so many stages as a child with small pets of all kinds. I had a goldfish in a bowl, that led eventually to the small aquarium which led to the enormous aquarium that kept my guinea pig company while it would aimlessly roll around our kitchen floor driving our dog crazy, all of the while living in a small house with 4 kids and a couple tolerant parents. I was also known to occasionally bring home any injured animal that I found for my mom to save during our lunch hour. She would often times spend our quick 45 minute lunch hour racing to a local wildlife haven to help try to save it. Sometimes we were successful and sometimes not, but we always tried.

Back then and even today, I still feel the same way about animals. They are so beautiful and vulnerable. When my children were young, they also loved animals, so I was sure to include them in our family. There is nothing like the love of a family pet to cheer up a hurting child or to teach them to love and respect animals. Pretty priceless lesson to me.

Our newest dog's name is Caleb and we have grown to absolutely love this guy! He just turned 2 and has brought our family so much joy that I can't imagine having not had him. He is still a bit of a work in progress, but loving him more by the day. Best part is he stays off the furniture. Oh wait?

Meet the Scared Dog That Only Wanted a Hug

This is the most beautiful video for anyone that is an animal lover! I have watched this story over and over and I just love it. Amazing people that took the time to truly care and save the life of one little dog with a lot of courage and lots of love. So beautiful. Meet-the-Scared-Dog-That-Only-Wanted-a-Hug

You can also see more amazing videos at www.