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New Studio

It's finally complete and clean enough to actually take pictures, which is totally rare because I can destroy this space in about 5 minutes. I love being next to a bright sunny window to work, what a huge difference.....



And I have a total weakness for fresh flowers! They always seem to cheer me up no matter what is going on that day.



I think every mom that is kind enough to grocery shop, cook meals etc....deserves to treat themselves to a few fresh flowers every week.


It's a Circus

I just received my original artwork back from Somerset Studios and wanted to share the close up here. I was super excited to have the opportunity to be included among so many talented artists! This one is called "Balance is Tricky".......


And this one is "The Juggling Act"......



And my very favorite..."For The Love of Bears"......



Zoo Animals

Here's a new one that I just finished after our visit to the zoo. Each animal is so uniquely beautiful in their own way. I love creating children's art that hopefully will inspire the same feelings in children to love and respect these beautiful animals. liontigerswallartframed

Wishing you a great weekend!!!!