Meet the Scared Dog That Only Wanted a Hug

This is the most beautiful video for anyone that is an animal lover! I have watched this story over and over and I just love it. Amazing people that took the time to truly care and save the life of one little dog with a lot of courage and lots of love. So beautiful. Meet-the-Scared-Dog-That-Only-Wanted-a-Hug

You can also see more amazing videos at www.

Daily Hugs

Young childhood is such a magical time, a time that a person will never experience again. A time in life where anything is possible and big dreams and confidence building are so important. So make sure that no matter how crazy things are, that each and every day you try to take a little time to enjoy each other. Even if it's only 10 minutes every day and you have a million things to do, make it a priority to stop for a second and give your kids a hug and tell them that you love them. It's a great stress reducer and it will become a wonderful habit that will carry on for many years.

There are so many benefits for all of you. If you have time, check out this great article about all the wonderful benefits of hugs! It looks like the more, the better.


Balloon Chicks


I am really missing my kids lately. My son is now 22 (yikes) and my daughter just turned 21 (unbelievable). It's hard to believe that they are moving on as young adults, one almost done with college and one new grad that has begun his young career in the work force. It seems like just yesterday when we were racing around every weekend like crazy people, stressed out and frazzled. I was always wondering how I was going to ever recover from all of the time away from home, all that had to be done before work on Monday, etc. It felt like my house was always a post bomb war zone, never organized enough, always tired and anxious. So much to do and so little time.

But you know what, after all of those years of "racing" around and sitting at endless sports events, I would go back to it in a second. I know this sounds totally cliche, but it is the truth. If I were a young mom, I would probably be rolling my eyes while I was reading this. I remember people telling me as a young mom, "Enjoy those kids!" And me thinking, "Are you crazy? I haven't slept in 2 nights, they have been fighting non stop for the past day and my daughter just tried to flush her blanket down the toilet and God only knows what that will cost?"

But the time really does fly, even though you may be feeling in the trenches as I did. Looking back I am so glad that I was always there when I could be and that really was what mattered most. The sports or activities meant everything to my kids as they were growing up and that one of us was usually sitting there cheering them on meant even more.

It was all so important because it didn't mean they were Olympic champions, but it most definitely helped teach them so many valuable life lessons. To be on time, do your best to your ability, be competitive, be a gracious winner and a good sport when you are not. It also taught them that we love them win or lose, that we will show up too no matter what.

So now looking back, there is still always dusting that needs to be done and I have plenty of time to clean and organize my house and even sleep in on the weekend if I choose, but my kids have just about moved on with their lives but have taken with them a whole bunch of incredible memories from all of those crazy, insane weekends.

So yes, cliche I know, but really do try to enjoy them while you have them because they really are only passing through.

Hoping you have a great racing around weekend.


Kindness Always

Polar Bears

I have been painting polar bears lately and having so much fun creating them with paints and pastes. They truly are magnificent animals! I found the video below on You Tube as I was doing some sketching and if you have a few minutes and are a lover of animals take a few minutes to watch. The pictures are beautiful!

After watching I translated the images to this:

"Polar Bear Love"

The Beauty of Animals

One of the things that I have always loved and been concerned with are the incredible animals that we share this earth with. Animals that in recent years are undergoing enormous environmental changes and still struggling to endure these changes and survive as best they can. Whether the causes are "global warming", human consumption, littering or just the earth's changes I am growing more and more concerned that if these changes do continue they will have an irreversible effect on these beautiful creatures. I think it is so important that we as individuals treat animals with love and dignity at all times. It breaks my heart when I see animals needlessly suffering. Let's teach our kids to see and appreciate the beauty in these wonderful animals.

Fly Tribe Word Hop 2012

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have been blessed to be included within an exceptional group of very, very talented fellow artists that was formed last summer as a result of us all being enrolled in an online course offered by the extremely talented, Kelly Rae Roberts called "Summer 2011 Flying Lessons". I must admit I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I signed up for this course. I only knew that I had a lot to learn if I was ever going to make this dream a reality. The course began early Summer 2011 and since then nothing has felt the same.

As the new year begins, my wonderful group of very talented fellow artists, which we call the Fly Girls, decided that it only seemed natural as we venture through this journey as artists and entrepeneurs that we each select a single word that will best represent our goals and intentions for the coming year 2012. This word will serve as a constant reminder of what we set out to accomplish next year.

With so many words to choose from it was a difficult decision for me to choose just one word, but I have chosen the word "perseverance". For me as an artist developing my own business has been really challenging on so many different levels that I know this is something that I really need to constantly work on in order to reach the goals that I have set for myself. No excuses, not exhaustion, rejection or putting other tasks before my art work this year. I plan to keep working harder and longer and doing whatever it takes.

Just click on the image below to visit my fellow "Fly Girls" blogs they have each written about their Word for 2012, I know you will be left feeling extremely motivated and inspired by these amazing gals! Plus you might just great some great ideas for your own goals in this coming year!

Fly Tribe Word Hop 2012

Yoga Ornaments

Wow! I can't believe how fast time is flying by this month! I haven't had a chance to post anything here in quite awhile. I have been super busy the past few weeks filling some last minute Christmas Orders that I received and I was so happy with how they turned out:

Peace Sign Ornaments:

"Om" Ornaments:

And my favorite:

"Namaste" Ornaments:

"Namaste" Christmas Ornament

It is so much fun to have the chance to create something entirely new and unique!

I hope that you like them!!!

Getting ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas


I love, love this time of year with all of the excitement for the holiday season!  I have been working really hard filling orders of my canvas ornaments that I have created for the holidays the past several years.

Each year I try to create a new design to add to the collection, which is always so fun!  I love the ornaments with faces because each one always comes out just slightly different.  I also love to mix things up a little each year.






 I wanted to post a special thank you today to all of my fellow artists that I have had the privilege to get to know these past few months as we have completed our Summer 2011 Flying Lessons E-course with Kelley Rae Roberts and formed our own group where we have encouraged, nurtured and supported each other through so many challenging tasks of preparing ourselves to further our artistic careers.

This group of very talented artists have come to mean so much to me through all of this. They are not only unbelievably talented but are also so, so generous with their time and knowledge and I am truly grateful.  I would have been lost without all of their support.

Please join me in our blog hop and check out these amazing artists below:

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Susan M. Walls-Beverly:

Teresa Cash-Czech:

Tina Carlborg:

Tonya Love:

Ursula Smith:

Zulma Cadena:

Mary Cottingham

Special Thanks to Michelle Reynolds for the use of her artwork(! For more info on classes by Kelly Rae Roberts visit or check out her new Hello Soul. Hello Business.

Blog Hop

  Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Please join me tomorrow for a very fun and exciting blog hop, featuring the work of some extremely talented gals that I have become close friends with during our Summer 2011 Flying Lessons e-course taken with Kelly Rae Roberts!

Grace and Courage

A good friend of mine recently posted the video below to my facebook page and while I know that many of us have already seen this video,  I couldn't help but be truly moved by this young man's story. I keep finding myself thinking of this remarkable example of grace, acceptance and unbelievable courage.  The ability to strive for a dream in the face of so many devastating and heartbreaking obstacles is amazing to me. This courageous man knows no different than what he knows, he hasn't allowed his physical circumstances or emotional pain to disable him, he doesn't look for sympathy and he certainly does not let his past stop him from moving forward and following his dream. He has no anger or resentments.  He just is who he is.

The conscience choice of what each and every one of us believe is possible is very powerful.  To choose happiness and inner peace every day would be an incredible gift that each one of us could give ourselves.



Flying lessons!

Hello There! My name is Kathy May and I am an artist living in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

I  am totally new to this world of blogging, but after completing an incredible 5-week e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts, I have been inspired to take a huge leap of faith!

This has been an incredible journey and I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge, but I have also been blessed by being joined with so many fellow artists from all over the world that are on the same journey as I am.

If you are an artist at heart there is no denying it, we all stay up way too late at night, can't stop in the middle of inspiration for anything and are completely driven by our individual desires to let our voices be heard:)

Please come join me as I venture into this new world of Facebook, Etsy and blogging!





Hello there!

Hello there!  My name is Kathy May and I am an artist living in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL with my family and my new collie puppy, Caleb. I absolutely love to encourage the feeling of optimism and grace in my work! I think its so important for all of us to face life's challenges from this perspective, especially children. My goal in my work is create designs that will not only touch to your heart or bring a smile to your face, but also give children something bright and beautiful to look at that will encourage them every single day along their journey.

My own kids have been very patient with me as I have developed my art career, often times wishing I could just "paint" them a good meal for dinner, but I have yet to master that skill.  I would if I could though!